On Stuff: A Micro Post

Are you tired of the Micro Posts yet?

Too bad. 😉 I’m still in the road but I’ll have some wonderful updates for you when I’m home.

Today, I want to mention stuff. We’re organizing the contents of a home that was built in the 1800’s that has a rich and deep history. So far we’ve found books from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, news clippings and historical family research… Even a mechanic’s and a doctor’s ledgers dating from 1890 through 1914, complete with names, services, and charges! I mean… hello HIPAA!

While it has been an amazing experience thus far, and the history we are unearthing is breathtaking, I can see the burden of stuff on those left behind to sift through it. It’s amazing what we can accumulate!

I’m looking forward to showing off to my kids some of the turn of the century gadgets, tools, and machines my dad gets to bring home with us. I hope they’ll be able to digest the  magnitude of history they’ll experience.

I’m sad that we won’t have such rich history to leave to our kids, and yet happy that we’ve chosen experience over stuff (more often than not). But most of all, I takeaway a profound respect and awe for my family, their ability to appreciate the work of our fathers’ hands, and the nostalgia that comes with the kitchen table.

Much love, friends.

On Growing Up: A Micro Post

Did you ever have that moment where you realize that what you grew up believing either was a skewed version of the truth or a perception based on your own surroundings? It’s weird being in a place, so far from home but filled with family, feeling like you’ve just met them all over again.

Also, never have I realized how die-hard desert rat I am until snow fell. Brrr…

On New Year’s Goals: A Micro Post

I have a confession to make, friends.

I’ve fallen off the wagon.
Well, many wagons.

2016 HAS to be the year of change for us. Financially, I’ve medicated and put my family back into debt. Mentally, I haven’t been taking care of myself. Physically, I’ve DEFINITELY not been taking care of myself.

And until I put my foot down with myself, it’s never going to change. So, here it is – the first goal of 2016: Get my Financial Fitness back in shape! This includes a new business venture I’ve begun selling make-up. Yes, make-up! It’s fun and I’m having a blast, and of course, I’m trying to navigate profitability right now (EEK!). But I’ve also decided to tighten up the wallet too. In an effort to help, we’ve put a moratorium on all spending outside of necessity for the month of January.

Wish me luck, friends.
This will be a difficult beginning to an amazing year.

How have you turned your situation around in the past? What is your biggest goal for 2016? What advice do you have for someone just starting out in a new business venture?

On Being Self-Aware: A Micro Post

The question today is – how can I drive so hard in my professional life, advance my career, and work hard to help others succeed, yet when it comes to my own health, my own mental well-being, and putting my own needs ahead of other people’s wants, I find it nearly impossible to make a change?

Being self-aware is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I’m usually one of the first to recognize when I’m being a complete and utter bonehead… on the other, it means that I’m usually so hard on myself that decisions can be difficult to make and I can talk myself out of breathing. Like, seriously. I frustrate me.

Today has been a day of introspection.
And that’s enough for one day…

How self-aware are you? Have you ever had someone say something to you that was a revelation? How do you handle it when you have to come to terms with something you don’t really like in your world?

The Cycle of Overwhelmitude

I have a vicious cycle.
No, it’s not my menses. Focus, people.

I constantly sway from super content to supper stressed and overwhelmed. There really is rarely a middle ground where that’s concerned. My super content side is always soft, loving, perky… you know, that co-worker you want to avoid because she’s too annoying in the morning. I’m complimentary, sappy, and over-appreciative of the smallest things in life.

Then, one wrench in the machine sends me into a downward spiral of overwhelmed, stressed, life would be better lived in a dark closet where no one has to deal with me.

Sadly, it’s typically tied to finances. When my modest emergency fund gets down to an uncomfortable amount, my fear takes over. When I’ve overspent because “I deserved it,” I beat myself up. I forget to appreciate the things that I have in my life.

So to counteract this today, I chose to send my husband an email. A list of things that I am cognitively aware of, things I recognize as truth, that (hopefully) would counteract the negative self-talk that started to spill tears from my eyes as I emailed a co-worker about benefits this morning.

Seriously. How does my vision plan work? [insert sob here]

I was afraid of how this email would be received. Would I cause extra stress for him? Would he go into fix-it mode as he usually does when my stress is not related to said menses? Would he think I was being silly and tell me to get over it?

I sent it anyway, and asked him to give me feedback. Even if it was just to say that he understood. But he called me immediately. He gave me positive feedback. He answered my questions. He gave me his own goals and dreams that we could work towards. Together.

And this is where I’m at: Don’t beat myself up. The world does enough of that for me, though it’s not as mean to me as I am (shocker? I think not).

As an important mentor and smart business woman once told me – Get a partner.

A partner that will support you. A partner that will call you on your bullshit. A partner that will say thank you when you recognize your inadequacies and ask for support. A partner who will not condemn you for being you, but will lift you up to make you better, faster, stronger.

Do you have a partner? How does your partner support you? How do you ask for help when you need it?